Applying for a gTLD is not a quick and easy process. It will cost you $185,000 just to be granted access to the application system. And then the real work begins. The application consists of 50 questions in four categories that must be answered in detail:

  • Application compliance
  • Business model questions
  • Financial questions
  • Technical questions

You need to score 14 out of 16 points to get approved. This means that your project plan must show technical, operational, and financial capability.
After submitting your application, ICANN will provide you with periodic status updates on the progress of your application. Immediately following the close of the application submission period, ICANN will check all applications for completeness. This check ensures that

  • All mandatory questions are answered;
  • Required supporting documents are provided in the proper format(s);
  • and the evaluation fees have been received.

ICANN will post all applications considered complete and ready for evaluation shortly after the close of the application submission period. Questions relating to an applicant’s internal processes or information: will not be posted. This phase of the application process is expected to take approximately four weeks.

Sensirius can help

As an experienced backend registry provider, Sensirius can guide you through this process step by step.