Consultancy services

In order to be approved by ICANN your TLD will need to follow its standard application process. Similar to a Request For Proposal this document will outline the specificities of your future Registry: how do you define it, who supports it and what your technical abilities are.

ICANN application requirements are very complex – guidance on the entire application process spans hundreds of pages, with 50 questions to be answered covering detailed technical, financial, business model, operational and policy requirements. Applicants must also contract with providers for registry operations, data escrow and other services.

Sensirius and its partners guide clients through the complexities of the application process:

  1. Feasibility assessment
  2. Define operational and business criteria, including policies
  3. Draft business, marketing and technical plan
  4. Draft ICANN application
  5. Legal assistance in the evaluation, contention, opposition and delegation processes
  6. Assistance in the implementation and launch of the gTLD
  7. Ongoing assistance