Financial features

Pricing model

The management module allows the registry operator to create his pricing model as needed. Prices can be set for each type of operation and have a validity period. Price changes can easily be implemented and put in the system with a specific starting date.

Pre-payment system

Each registrar has an account in our system that has to be provisioned. Every paying transaction reduces the the account balance by the corresponding fee. When the account does not contain enough funds, the transaction will not finish successfully. This method eliminates the risk of bad debtors. Invoices are generated at the end of each month for the transactions executed and paid for in the previous period. This flexible system also allows for a post-payment application.

Credit lines

While the prepay system does not allow a registrar to execute paying transactions, such as registering a new domain name, a credit mechanism is available that allows the registry operator to give a registrar a credit line for a specific period and a specific amount. During that period, the registrar’s account may temporarily run negative for the specified amount.


Our system allows for both automated renewals and explicit renewal. Both options occur at the end of the month in which the renewal falls due. Payments must be made with the registrar’s pre-payment accounts, although the registry can give a particular registrar a credit line for a specific period. We issue monthly invoices detailing all transactions that have occurred in the previous month.
If you are running an Open Brand Registry, or if you wish to impose internal charges in a Private Brand Registry, you can set a price for each type of transaction and log forthcoming price changes in advance with specified starting dates.


Our management module keeps track of all payments that have been entered into the system. Registrars can access their complete invoice and payment history via the web interface.

Early warning system

Sensirius registry sofware contains a system of watermarks to prevent the registrar’s account from going negative. When the level of the prepay account drops below a certain watermark level, an e-mail will be sent to the registrar to inform him, thus allowing the registrar to transfer sufficient funds into the account in time.

Feature in the spotlight: 
Tailored contact types

When a domain name is registered, the registrant must provide the registrar of the domain name with valid and up-to-date contact information. In theory, anyone who looks up the domain in a public whois database can view this registration information and thus contact the person or company that owns it (registrant or licensee).

But what if you want the contact person to be the IP law firm, the marketing executive, or the brand manager? The Sensirius Registry Software allows you to specify tailored contact types to suit your registry’s need. That way, you can choose which contact type you want to be your default contact.