'Transition to delegation' is the technical term for launching your TLD and the final step in the application process. Your zone will be entered into the root of the internet, so all web users can visit the domain names. It is expected that the transition to delegation step can be completed in approximately 2 months.

Before the transition, you need to make a registry agreement with ICANN and complete a pre-delegation technical test to validate the information you provided in the application. The purpose of the pre-delegation technical test is to verify the applicant has met its commitment to establish registry operations in accordance with the technical and operational criteria described by the applicant. The checks are also intended to ensure that the applicant can operate the gTLD in a stable and secure manner.

More importantly, the registry provider of your choice must also complete a technical setup and show satisfactory performance on a set of technical tests. If the testing requirements are not satisfactory, ICANN may, at its sole and absolute discretion, elect to terminate the registry agreement.

OpenRegistry will perform the exact same tests as defined in the Applicant Guidebook and will give detailed reports to the applicant before submitting documents to IANA.

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