ICANN is expecting 500 new TLD applicants, so you need a surf board to conquer the tsunami. Careful planning and execution of your promotional strategy. Just owning a domain name zone is no guarantee for success. It’s been quite a while since a new TLD had a successful launch. Even if you have the perfect product you will still need to think how you will set up your shop. That means price setting, choosing the best sales channels so you attract customers.

And who are they?

  • Registrars, they are the distribution channel
  • Trademark holders, first buyers
  • End-users, the second buyers
  • Domainers, volume buyers
  • Your niche market

What can we do to help you?

  • Support and planning of the marketing strategy. This should be tailored for your specific project. Promoting a geographical TLD is different from a brand TLD. However, one should always know the cost of the trip before buying a ticket.
  • A marketing plan is an essential part of your business plan. ICANN will have to be convinced that you will not drown in the tsunami. Drafting your marketing plan and budget is our expertise, like we have done for the .be registry.
  • Promotional strategy planning and implementation. Rather than buying expensive ads and producing commercials, we believe in the strength of good registrar relations.
  • Your first customers will probably be trademark holders during the Sunrise period. A separate communications plan is needed. Having been involved in the very succesful .eu sunrise procedure, Sensirius is a reference in this field.
  • Domain price setting
  • Branding