New gTLDs

Up until now, you have been restricted by the limited range of domain extensions for giving your brand the shape you want online. But Internet users need choice. You need your own little island on the Net, a domain zone where you decide on what comes after the final dot in your web address… Well, shortly, you will be able to do just that, because ICANN is giving interested parties the opportunity to set up their own domain extension.

Even more than at the beginning of a new domain zone, demand will be greater than supply. So don't wait until your competitors put their plans on the table and start setting up your own island on the Net TODAY!

But being able to have your own TLD is no sinecure. There is a strict process to be followed. Quite apart from the financial criteria involved, there will also be strict supervision over the technical infrastructure and services. So let us help you to put your idea into effect.

"In a world with 1.5 billion Internet users—and growing—diversity, choice and competition are key to the continued success and reach of the global network."