From now on, you you can also choose what appears to the right of the dot:

  • Start your very own online island. Make your brand name its own domain extension (e.g. www.mybrand.mycompany), with you in total control. Then give your customers access to your extension. Let them promote your product or service around the world by by using your own domain name (www.alex78.brand)
  • Create a generic domain extension for a select club (.bank , .lux) or for a broad community (.music, .blog)
  • Cities and regional communities can also apply for their own TLD (.paris, .belgium)

The possibilities are truly limitless.

New revenue streams
If you own a keyword TLD, you also have access to a whole community of potential domain name registrants. For instance, if your brand decides to go for an open registration policy, your customers will become promoters of your products when they use your TLD in their website address or email address.

Secure communication
Set up private email systems, Intranets, or messaging to increase your security

Eliminate unauthorized resellers
You can issue domains to their authorized resellers only. This will make consumers feel safe doing business with a reseller, thus increasing confidence in online purchases of your products and services.

Sell branded addresses to verified members
Provide a more secure online payment system by adding verification to domain owners.

Very personal communication
Are you a brand with status? One that people will want to show off with? Give your customers a personal domain name and email address and communicate information about their guarantee or service update straight to them.

4 Big Benefits

Visibility for your brand at the highest level of the Internet – directly within web browsers and at the top of the search engines– a sign of authenticity

Control who is in your registry – lock out fraudsters such as phishing and malware scams – thereby building trust in your online presence as a safe and secure domain

Operate your domain registry in a jurisdiction of your choice and with a technical infrastructure you know to be resilient

First mover advantage
Successful first round applicants will have an estimated three year lead over competitors who decide to apply in the second round of applications. It is not possible to buy a gTLD registry in the same way that domains can be purchased in the current Aftermarket, so when a keyword is gone, it’s gone forever.