For most companies, gTLD technical registry operations are beyond their competency. You will be responsible for maintaining a safe, secure registry connected to the world root of the Internet. This is why the gTLD application process asks for such explicit financial, technical, and operational accountability statements from all applicants. Furthermore, the character string you select for your domain may be open to objections from third parties, or be in contention with rival applicants during the application process. The cost of defending your chosen term or bidding for a popular generic term could be very expensive.

Careful preparation is if you wish to succeed with your TLD plan. That’s why we recommend the following process for any new gTLD project:

  1. Conduct a feasibility assessment
  2. Define operational and business criteria, including policies
  3. Draft business and implementation plans
  4. Draft the ICANN application
  5. Ask for assistance in the evaluation, contention, opposition, and delegation processes
  6. Ask for assistance in the implementation and launch of the gTLD
  7. Have someone in place to provide ongoing assistance

Sensirius and its partners have the business experience and technical partnerships to help you create a successful application and to operate a state-of-art registry that is secure and stable.

One cannot be prepared enough for this internet revolution in 2011. Here are just some of the questions that all brand owners face:


  • How do you defend a decision not to apply if your competitors do?
  • How to choose what to apply for- the company name, a key mark, a generic term, or an IDN?
  • Do have the resources to lead your organization through an evaluation process in 2011?
  •  Will you incorporate a new vehicle for your registry, and where it will be based?