Although each type of registry may require a secure and stable operating system, we believe that every registry owner deserves a solution tailored to his/her needs. Furthermore, we understand that these needs may change over time.

Our implementation models give you 5 strong guarantees

  • Always the best solution
  • Gradual migration at appropriate speed based on needs and costs
  • TCO re-evaluation at any time
  • Optimized use of infrastructure
  • Total control

Unless you have a very extensive and resilient technical infrastructure, which you are certain will meet all of ICANN’s stringent requirements, you will initially need to use a fully-outsourced technical solution to ensure your application passes the scrutiny of the evaluators. That way, you can get your registry up and running as quickly as possible. Over time, however, you may decide that you want to switch to internal operation, either to leverage your existing technical resources or to comply with internal governance rules.

The software you use to run the registry is of equal importance. It must be reliable, totally secure, and sufficiently flexible to accommodate your particular requirements.

Whether at the start of the process, or already at a phased migration process, you can license the Sensirius software for use on your own infrastructure. If you are migrating from the outsourced system to your own infrastructure, we can ensure a seamless transition.

Once installed, updates can be remotely applied, giving you more time to run your registry. Alternatively, Sensirius can manage your system for you, using your equipment. Sensirius can also set up their primary servers to be your mirror site, thus providing you with a completely independent external backup.

Three easy solutions

  1. All-inclusive solution, where we provide both hardware and software. All inclusive (software + hardware) solutions start at € 135,000, not including nameservers.
  2. Managed software solution, whereas you provide the hardware and we install and update the registry software
  3. A fully-licensed version, which reduces costs and keeps you in total control.

Our solutions offer you a flexible palette of options, so your registry can exactly reflect your needs as they evolve.