Our software has state of the art security measures.

A complete and detailed audit trail is stored indefinitely. Every action related to a domain or a contact or other object is logged with user identification, time and date. The huge data files created by the audit trail are stored in a partitioned structure to minimise the impact on the active data. The system will automatically deposit data daily with ICANN’s approved escrow service to ensure compliance.

  • EPP transactions are only accepted from pre-registered IP addresses and all transactions, whether web or EPP are protected by SSL.
  • Email can be protected using PGP.
  • A penalty system ensures registrars cannot bombard the registry with invalid requests. 
  • New connections (SYN packets) are limited on the routers to minimise the impact of DOS and DDOS attacks.
  • The system is further protected with a redundant intrusion detection/intrusion prevention system to exercise deep packet inspection and block risks on SQL-injection and cross site scripting
  • User login with passwords and granular authorization
  • Optional anycasting
  • Limited accesses per second to avoid data harvesting
  • Validation system minimizes cybersquatting
  • Trade and transfer control avoids unintentional transfers
  • Monitored update allows ownership data to be changed only after a manual check
  • Temporary take over by the registry in case of registrar bankruptcy
  • Domain lock avoids malicious transfer or trades
  • ‘on hold status’ can be set pending an ADR case
  • Domain Name Monitoring module exposes typosquatters by listing similar domain names
  • The registrant extranet puts registrants in charge of their names.

Our system meets and exceeds the technical requirements set by ICANN. We have over 20 years’ experience running proprietary domain extension. Sensirius is a 100% privately owned stable and operationally secure company, with offices in Belgium and Luxemburg.