Sensecure Box

Sensecure is the first management tool that handles the signing and key management from start to end, for multiple zones. Sensecure interfaces with every major TLD that has an automated DNSSEC signing process (.eu, .be,…)

The Sensecure box is updated each time new automated TLD signing interfaces become available. Several TLDs that currently require manual interaction are also supported. The Sensecure box instantly alerts you when your attention is required to complete the signing process.

No more tedious rewriting your software or investing in new hardware. Sensecure is your red carpet ride to DNSSEC.

Sensecure is a fully automated DNS SEC signing engine. Being an 'inline signer' means it slides right into your existing DNS infrastructure. You don't have to throw away your existing DNS to deploy DNS SEC. The fast and scalable capabilities can handle any load you hit it with.
Fully implementing DNS SEC is as easy as counting to three
  1. Add your slave nameservers using the web interface
  2. Allow your slave nameservers to accept zone updates from the Sensecure box
  3. Set the Sensecure box as your primary nameserver/hidden master
Now you can quickly and easily edit each zone individually using the Sensecure web interface:
  1. Activate or deactivate DNS SEC for each zone
  2. Choose the level of security
  • Default (6 months key rollover)
  • Top nodge (14 day key rollover)
  • Custom security profile
Sensecure box setup


  • suited for all registries and registrars
  • scales to millions of domain names
  • drop-in solution, deployed within 1 day
  • high level of integration, low impact on existing infrastructure


  •  fully redundant setup
  • add redundancy to your network
  • eliminate implementation errors
  • improve the quality of your infrastructure with optional extra nameservers 

Styled... to your needs

  • hosted or licensed turnkey solution
  • virtual appliance, runs on almost any hardware
  • eliminate in house scripting and learning costs
  • reduce implementation and maintenance cost
  • affordable pricing packages