Sensirius Registry Software

In our opinion, there is no one size that fits all. For that reason, Sensirius offers modular and highly customizable software with a variety of available solutions: from a simple, totally outsourced system to a licensed version of the registry software should applicants wish to manage their own infrastructure.

Sensirius registry software contains all functionalities required by ICANN for the efficient operation of a TLD, and our software can easily be expanded with extra modules to serve individual needs of brands, communities, and regions. During the .eu Landrush (April 2006) more than 1 million domains were processed by EURid in just 13 hours. Their software was built by the founders of Sensirius, developers of the .be registry at that time.



Sensirius Registry Software credentials


  • Supports IDNs , IPv6, and DNSSEC
  • Written in Java, the industry’s leading programming technology
  • Adheres to RFCs for registration, resolution, and whois information
  • Transaction response times consistently exceed ICANN requirements
  • A high degree of configuration options to meet any policy needs or linguistic context
  • Hosted, locally-installed, or licensed models
  • Multi-currency
  • Works with major languages out of the box and can be configured to work with any language
  • Meets and exceeds ICANN requirements