A robust DNS infrastructure which guarantees 99.99% uptime is the cornerstone of our approach. During the .eu Landrush (April 2006) more than 1 million domain names were registered after just 13 hours of operations, using the software built by the guys that founded Sensirius.


Registry system

  • The registry’s primary server location is by default in Belgium, in a secure, state-of-the-art facility. There we host your registry database and application servers, with a mirror site in Luxembourg.
  • The registry system is connected using multiple ISPs including a Tier 1 provider.
  • The applications run on a blade infrastructure, allowing for immediate recovery in the case of failure of any one element and providing easy scalability.
  • The local backup (warm standby) server is kept current by a stream of write-ahead log records, so it can take over as the master server with minimal delay.

Name servers

  • Name servers are distributed over the world for load balancing and robustness.
  • Our distributed global network protects against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and combines massive scalability with 24/7 security and management.
  • Our solution provides you with nodes in 52 locations around the world with a capacity of 585 billion queries a day with a resolution rate of under 1 millisecond.
  • One or more external parties can also be used to setup an anycast infrastructure.
  • Each unicast node is set up in a redundant configuration so that a hardware failure on one machine does not prevent the node from responding to queries.
  • Each individual node is designed to handle far more all by itself, in order to cope with any spikes in query rates.


Running a piece of the Internet's infrastructure requires technical expertise, a global footprint, and the ability to handle hundreds of thousands of look-ups every hour every day. Sensirius uses protected, trusted, and stable infrastructure to reliably host and operate new gTLDs. The knowledge and experience acquired at the .eu and .be registry results in 100 percent accuracy and 0% percent downtime of the zone in the last 10 years.