Irrespective of its target audience, your TLD will be used on the Internet: web sites will link to it, email will be received and, more importantly, domain names will be registered. All this requires a robust technical infrastructure, which should also be scalable to account for the success of your project.

ICANN leaves no room for vague descriptions. The Application Guidebook has over 20 technical question that need to be answered in detail: your network architecture, database capabilities, DNS capabilities, security, IPv6, DNSSEC, failover plans,...

Even if your company has an IT department, the example question about whois (to your right) may startle them.

Our customers benefit from the extensive industry knowledge and +20 years of expertise in running a registry.

Example question

“describe how the applicant will comply with ICANN's Registry Publicly Available Registration Data (Whois) specifications for data objects, bulk access, and lookups as defined in the base agreement: "Specification for Registration Data Publication Services." (Spec 4) Describe how the Applicant's Registry Publicly Available Registration Data (Whois) service will comply with RFC 3912. Describe how the applicant will comply with performance specifications for Whoisservice as in Specification 6 to the draft registry agreement.”