Third party modules

ADR extranet

In the event that a dispute arises over a domain name, the name in question needs to be blocked. This is required to prevent the current holder from changing crucial data. As timing is very important, OpenRegistry Software includes a simple interface for the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) provider that allows him to place the disputed name on hold and in use again according to the outcome of the deliberation. Furthermore, if a complaint is launched against your domain name, you can permit the ADR supplier to log in and suspend any transactions on the name until the process is complete. When the dispute is resolved, the ADR supplier can either remove the suspension or force a transfer according to the applicable rules and procedures of the UDRP.


The extranet option allows the end user to access and, when permitted, modify his data at the registry level. It can also be used by the registrant to approve his trade or transfer. If needed, the end user can be given access to the extranet to switch on some levels of control. As a first level, the registrant can ask to be informed of any change of data made by the registrar. Similarly, the registrant can choose to be informed by e-mail when his domain name is scheduled for deletion. If the end user chooses the second level of security, the modification or deletion can only be executed after confirmation from the registrant.

Sunrise process management

Our system accommodates multiple types of Sunrise arrangements, including first-come-first-validations or a defined Sunrise window that sends all applications for validation. You can set the rules of your Sunrise, for example, the type and location of applicant and type, or the dates and geographical coverage of prior IP rights.

Validation management

We can provide a direct link to any IP Clearinghouse that ICANN may choose to operate, thus encouraging more brand owners to participate in your Sunrise. You can choose which names are excluded from registration, which are Premium names, and include an auction process for competing applications. Sensirius Registry software is by default compliant with the Clearing House for Intellectual Property.