The proposed final version of the Applicant Guidebook was published November 9. The ICANN board published on March 18.

  • April 15th: The extracts of the Guidebook and Scorecard are published for comment
  • May 20th: ICANN meets with the Government Advisory Committee
  • May 30th: Publication of the Final Applicant Guidebook
  • June 20th: the ICANN board will (probably) approve the Final Applicant Guidebook

What happens after that is not entirely clear yet. We foresee a 4 month communication campaign starting in June and ending on October 1st. That could well be the starting date for applicants to enter their file. If we add the administrative check period, the initial evaluation and the time it takes to have a TLD delegated to the root, the earliest new gTLD could go live in October. But there are currently no guarantees given.

Click on the image to the right for a detailed timeline.

ICANN gTLD timeline